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Rising Chinese Investments in New Chemical Segments

21.08.2023 -

China’s chemical industry originally focused primarily on basic chemicals, in line with the domestic needs of a developing economy and the lower technology requirements...

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China’s Quest for Self-sufficiency in Chemicals

02.05.2022 -

One of China’s key objectives of the current 14th Five-Year Plan is to reduce the dependency on imports. At least partly, this is a reaction to rising political tensions...

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Chemistry Shapes the Future

08.12.2021 -

In his interview with CHEManager, Jeff Zhu, chairman of the Chinese Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM), talks about the industry’s role in helping...

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Multinational Companies in China’s Chemical Industry

30.11.2021 -

Chemical MNCs show strong verbal commitment to China, but the real situation is somewhat underwhelming.

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Foreign Investment in China`s Chemical Industry

01.12.2020 -

Investment in the areas listed in the catalogue is supported by a variety of incentives.

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China’s New Foreign Investment Law

09.12.2019 - Since the adoption of China’s Equity Joint Venture Law in 1979 and the Cooperative Joint Venture Law in 1998, China has maintained separate rules and processes for foreign-invested...

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Chemical Parks in China

09.12.2019 - At the end of the year 2018, China had a total of 676 chemical parks. Of these, 57 are classified as national-level parks, 351 as provincial-level parks and 268 as municipal-level...

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One Belt, One Road

29.11.2018 - The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also called the One Belt, One Road policy (OBOR), is an initiative launched by the Chinese government in 2013. The core idea is to improve...