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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemistry is ... Boots made for Hiking

01.09.2016 - Summer time is hiking time. Light mountaineering shoes provide hikers with comfortable lightweight equipment that lets them be quick, agile and safe. Sports specialist Salomon has...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Mobile App Brings Industry 4.0 to all Pumps

28.07.2015 - To help plant operators increase productivity and transparency as well as improve competitiveness across the entire life cycle, Frankenthal, Germany-based pump manufacturer KSB has...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Patents Protect Inventions in Chemical Technology

28.07.2015 - The subject matter of patents is, in general, with the exception of a wider range of patentable subject matters in the US, directed to technical solutions in the form of devices...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Substance-based Supply-Chain Planning under BEPS

28.07.2015 - The agility of supply chains of multinationals driven by the globalization and continuous business changes combined with favorable tax regimes in various jurisdictions has given a...

Logistics & Supply Chain

“Less-Than-Truckload Networks”

28.07.2015 -

The European market for less-than-truckload (LTL) services is characterized by rising competition and price pressure.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Quantitative Supply Chain Risk Management

28.07.2015 - Certainly it is no big secret that in the process industry supply chains are becoming more complex all the time. For example, parts of the value-added chain that are outside a...

Strategy & Management

Lessons from the Cosmetics Industry

28.07.2015 - Almost every day, there are news stories about environmental damage and social inequality. Whether it is illegal immigrants attempting to enter Europe, erratic weather conditions...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

On the Way to the Internet of Everything

28.07.2015 - The motto of the 11th Plastic Electronics Conference is “Enabling the Internet of Everything”. The conference will provide a vital forum for the full scope of organic electronics...