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CPHI Annual Report on Pharmaceutical Industry

24.10.2023 -

The 7th edition of the CPHI Annual Survey was unveiled today highlighting trends for 2024. A total of 250 pharmaceutical executives were surveyed with 35 probing...

Strategy & Management

The Future of Outsourcing

19.10.2022 -

The increasing complexity in drug development and the highly competitive industry landscape are creating a dramatic shift in how pharmaceutical and biotech companies plan...

Markets & Companies

Covid-19 Driving Manufacturing, CDMOs Driving Growth

26.04.2021 -

The CPhI executive post-pandemic pharma survey, produced by Informa Markets as part of the CPhI Pharma 2021 Report, predicts that pandemic supply chain issues have...

Markets & Companies

MENA Pharmaceutical Market

29.11.2018 - The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is a largely untapped, yet potentially hugely fruitful part of the world for the pharmaceutical industry, both as a sales region and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Opposites Attract

19.09.2018 - The biopharmaceutical industry has grown impressively in recent years, with its global compound growth rate (CAGR) estimated to reach 8.5% between 2018-2023, outstripping...

Strategy & Management

How to Tap the Potential of Green Chemistry

30.03.2018 - The challenges of sustainability are among the most complex and daunting ever faced by society. Green chemistry needs to be increasingly engaged in facing these challenges by...

Markets & Companies

Japan’s Changing Pharmaceutical Landscape

17.01.2018 - Japan has the world’s third largest pharma industry. Yet, for many international companies the market has not proved easy to access. Very high barriers to entry have combined with...


BASF Adds Medical Grade Plastics Team in Japan

17.04.2015 - Adapting its medical marketing strategy to the needs of an aging population, BASF'S Japanese subsidiary has added a Health & Medical industry team. The new cross-divisional team to...