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Research / Laboratory

SaaS platform for the management of GMP data

MyCellHub NV -

When the company’s co-founders were PhD researchers, they saw the huge amount of paperwork that went into every batch record and thought there must be a better way.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Working with Data Instead of Documents

14.09.2021 -

Cloud-based web applications offer substantial benefits for the digital transformation of the chemical industry.

Strategy & Management

Transforming Research and Development with Design of Experiments

10.09.2020 -

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage requires today’s organizations to innovate at increasing speed.

Strategy & Management

Building a Culture of Analytic Excellence

20.04.2020 - Researchers, developers and engineers may question whether they have the capacity to adopt data analytics into their busy working lives. When there is always more to achieve than...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Design of Experiments

10.09.2019 - Competition and increased demand for product innovation are placing unprecedented pressures on chemical manufacturing. As well as a seemingly unquenchable need for new products and...

Strategy & Management

Solvay’s Journey into the Future

10.04.2017 - Solvay Business Services (SBS) was officially founded in 2013 and I have managed its service organization since then. Its task and goal: to support Solvay’s growth and to support...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Data Monitoring: Any Time, Any Place

05.02.2015 - Data monitoring with T&D's networked data loggers not only helps to safeguard goods and processes, but also ensures accurate and error free documentation of compliance with legal...

Strategy & Management

Linking the Physical to the Digital

20.01.2015 - In the chemicals industry, electronic business-to-business (B2B) interactions between buyers and sellers typically rely upon tried-and-tested tools and techniques. These approaches...