Roquette Invests in Danish Start-up Biograil

09.04.2024 - Roquette, a French multinational supplier of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients, announced an investment by its venture capital arm Roquette Ventures in Danish start-up Biograil.

Copenhagen-based Biograil is developing a proprietary oral device called BIONDD for delivering biologics that would typically require injection. This advancement, Roquette said, is set to transform patient care by offering a less invasive and more accessible treatment method.

Biograil’s BIONDD device is contained in a standard size capsule able to deliver active therapeutics into the gastrointestinal wall to be effectively distributed in the human body.

With this investment, Roquette Ventures joined a consortium that also includes Megatrend Invest (Denmark), Verve Investment (Switzerland), High-Tech Gründerfonds (Germany), Sanner Ventures (Germany), Evonik Venture Capital (Germany) and Eli Lilly (US).

Roquette Ventures said it believes that this investment fits perfectly with its investment philosophy, which focuses on promoting solutions to improve health and sustainability. Furthermore, the Roquette group can contribute its expertise in pharmaceutical excipients, enhancing Biograil's efforts to advance their platform technology.