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WuXi Opens Lipid Nanoparticle Facility

13.09.2022 -

WuXi STA has opened a sterile lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation development and manufacturing facility at its campus in Wuxi city, China, in response to rising demand...

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In Search of a Safer, Greener Firework

02.04.2014 - Risks of Lighting Up the Sky - As the dust settles - quite literally - following the traditional New Year celebrations in the Western and Chinese-speaking worlds, fireworks have...


Big Drugmakers Think Small with Nanomedicine Deals

03.05.2013 - Is nanomedicine the next big thing? A growing number of top drug companies seem to think so. The ability to encapsulate potent drugs in tiny particles measuring billionths of a...


The Latest From ChemistryViews: June

09.06.2011 - CHEManager Europe Online is proud to share some of the interesting stories our colleagues at ChemistryViews have been working on for you. ChemistryViews is a platform that presents...

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Defining New Borders

10.12.2010 - Small High Tech - Producing fine powders with highly specific characteristics is one of the most important targets of particle technology nowadays. Developments in nanotechnology...