The Latest From ChemistryViews: June

09.06.2011 -

CHEManager Europe Online is proud to share some of the interesting stories our colleagues at ChemistryViews have been working on for you. ChemistryViews is a platform that presents top-quality information from ChemPubSoc Europe, an organization of 16 chemical societies in continental Europe, publishing world-leading journals such as "Chemistry - A European Journal." Click and enjoy!

• Research Highlight: Nano Safety

The safety of nanoparticles is under constant examination and recent research suggests their toxicity does not depend on size

• Focus Article: Chemistry of a Hangover - Alcohol and its Consequences Part 2

How can a tiny molecule like ethanol be at the root of so much human misery? Klaus Roth looks at how ethanol is metabolized

• Event: Four Nobel Laureates to Speak at Free Virtual Event

Register for free to attend Virtual Event with ten renown speakers

• News: 20 New H2 Filling Stations in Germany

For the first time it will be possible to drive anywhere in Germany with a fuel-cell-powered vehicle

• News: Quick Tests for EHEC in Food

Quick tests for EHEC (enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli) in food offered by Merck Millipore

• News: Breaking the Bottleneck in Forward Osmosis

The problem that slows the production of clean water has been overcome with a new, thin nanofiber osmosis membrane

• News: New Synchrotron Technique

New synchrotron X-ray technique may revolutionize the chemical analysis of rare materials like meteoric rock samples or fossils

• Editorial: Happy Birthday

Celebrate the first birthday of with us!

• Bulletin: Power Grid Buffer?

Fluctuations in the power grid due to wind or solar sources could be solved by new production process for supercapacitors