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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Farsighted Outsourcing Solutions

18.10.2023 -

André Keller, CEO Frike Group, explains his strategic goals and market observations in the interview

Strategy & Management

The Future of Outsourcing

19.10.2022 -

The increasing complexity in drug development and the highly competitive industry landscape are creating a dramatic shift in how pharmaceutical and biotech companies plan...

Markets & Companies

Why CDMOs Should Consider Value-Based Pricing

13.09.2019 - Outsourcing product development and manufacturing has become for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies a strategic activity and an integral part of their business model. In...

Strategy & Management

The Pharma CDMO Challenge

05.09.2019 - The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and is estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2021. One important driver is the trend towards outsourcing of development and manu...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics performance is a driver of corporate performance!

09.05.2019 - For many years, the chemical industry was asleep regarding logistics. Although logistics costs played a significant role for many chem­ical companies, in many cases they were seen...

Markets & Companies

MENA Pharmaceutical Market

29.11.2018 - The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is a largely untapped, yet potentially hugely fruitful part of the world for the pharmaceutical industry, both as a sales region and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

M&A in Pharma and CRO/CMO Industry

19.09.2018 - Recently, the pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) industry has been extremely active in M&A, as is the pharma and generics industry itself...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Opposites Attract

19.09.2018 - The biopharmaceutical industry has grown impressively in recent years, with its global compound growth rate (CAGR) estimated to reach 8.5% between 2018-2023, outstripping...