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Proposed EU Ban on Lead in PVC Adopted

05.05.2023 -

Within the framework of the REACh chemicals legislation, the European Commission said it is implementing previously discussed restrictions on the use of PVC in finished...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Small Particles with a Big Impact

01.05.2023 -

In 2022, the European Commission revised the definition of nanomaterials in a new recommendation, which supports a uniform EU regulatory framework and aims at aligning...


ChemSec Adds Hundreds of PFAS to Substitution List

06.02.2023 -

The International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec), a Swedish NGO that advocates for reducing the production and use of hazardous chemicals, has added 370 new per- or poly...


US Chemical Firms Eyeing Europe for new Launches?

27.01.2023 -

Is the grass really always greener on the other side? Scarcely heard up to now above the din European chemical companies have been making about being disadvantaged by the...


EU Commission Pushes REACh Revision into 2023

27.10.2022 -

In a move widely expected in some quarters but not communicated until the last minute, the European Commission has shelved plans to update the REACh chemicals legislation...


Sharon McGuiness new ECHA Chief Executive

27.06.2022 -

Sharon McGuinness has been appointed to a five-year term as the new executive director of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the body that administrates the REACH...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Planning for the Unexpected

18.05.2022 -

Dorothee Arns, Director General of FECC, discusses current challenges, market trends and her vision for the chemical distribution industry in Europe. The interview was...

Markets & Companies

On the Way to Climate Neutrality

03.06.2021 -

The EU Commission’s ambitious plan for a European Green Deal, launched shortly before the pandemic struck in early 2020, aims to make the continent the world’s first...