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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Proactive Supplier Risk Mitigation for Manufacturing and Testing Organizations

03.06.2022 -

There is a new urgency in the market for manufacturers and testing organizations to be prepared for rapid, unexpected changes in material resource access, exacerbated by...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Stress Test for The Supply Chain

03.12.2020 -

The pandemic triggered by Covid-19 has a major impact worldwide. As a result, all branches of industry are faced with various challenges.


Texas Rescue Workers Sue Arkema

11.09.2017 - Seven rescue workers in Texas are suing Arkema for $1 million, alleging the French chemical producer was unprepared for the flooding that engulfed its organic peroxides plant at...

Markets & Companies

Improving Resilience to Supply Chain Disruption

21.11.2016 - Whether it be a heightened risk of terrorism, the prolonged decline in oil prices, an impending natural disaster, the risks of accidents due to inadequate safety practices, or an...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Quantitative Supply Chain Risk Management

28.07.2015 - Certainly it is no big secret that in the process industry supply chains are becoming more complex all the time. For example, parts of the value-added chain that are outside a...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Toward a Sustainable Future

29.04.2015 - Chemical distribution is and will continue to be a vibrant and professional industry that has demonstrated its strength by overcoming challenges and emerging intact despite the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Distributors Are Crucial to the Supply Chain

29.04.2015 - In May 2014, Dr. Neville Prior, Chairman of the Cornelius Group, took over as president of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC). Speaking about his appointment...


DuPont Fined Nearly $1.3 Million for Discharge Violations

01.09.2014 - DuPont has agreed to pay fines of $1.275 million to the US federal government for eight alleged releases of harmful levels of hazardous substances at its Belle, West Virginia...