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Navigating Uncertainty in the Biopharma Market

17.05.2023 -

Biopharma companies are facing funding challenges in 2023 as interest rates rise and investors are becoming more risk adverse. There is hope on the horizon, say some...


Big Pharma Undercuts California Generic Insulin Plan

29.03.2023 -

Plans by major insulin producers Eli Lilly, NovoNordisk and Sanofi to drop their prices may be undercutting the US state of California’s state-backed generic insulin...


Global Pharma Reduces Marketing Staff in India

21.03.2023 -

As part of what seems to be a general pattern of staff reductions in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, a growing number of Western drugmakers are downsizing their...


Sanofi in Lockstep with US Insulin Price Cuts

20.03.2023 -

The world's largest insulin producers, Eli Lilly, NovoNordisk and Sanofi are now marching (almost) in lockstep to reduce US market prices, but not without tossing...


Novo Nordisk to Cut US Insulin prices from 2024

16.03.2023 -

Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk has added its name to the list of insulin producers cutting prices for US retail buyers, following up on Eli Lilly’s announcement of price...


Sanofi Buying Diabetes Specialist Provention Bio

15.03.2023 -

Paris-based French drugmaker Sanofi has agreed to acquire Provention Bio for $25 per share in cash, representing an equity value of about $2.9 billion. The publicly...


Lilly Insulin Price Cut Revives US Discussion

14.03.2023 -

As the discussion surrounding the high price of insulin in the US continues unabated, drugmaker Eli Lilly implemented price reductions of 70% for its most commonly...


Sanofi Strengthens Venture Capital Budget

19.01.2023 -

As well as serving as a financial partner to fledgling companies, the VC fund supports future efforts for business development and M&A opportunities within its own...