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Strategy & Management

Transforming Research and Development with Design of Experiments

10.09.2020 -

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage requires today’s organizations to innovate at increasing speed.

Strategy & Management

Building a Culture of Analytic Excellence

20.04.2020 - Researchers, developers and engineers may question whether they have the capacity to adopt data analytics into their busy working lives. When there is always more to achieve than...

Research & Innovation

Expert Webinar: Accelerating Drug Commercialization

24.03.2020 -

New therapies to address unmet and emerging medical needs are being discovered at an explosive rate, building on rapid advances in molecular biology and genetics.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Design of Experiments

10.09.2019 - Competition and increased demand for product innovation are placing unprecedented pressures on chemical manufacturing. As well as a seemingly unquenchable need for new products and...

Strategy & Management

Data Analytics in Chemical Production and Maintenance

14.02.2019 - In the era of big data and a growing interest in Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, the pressure to innovate is especially strong in the process-enabling industries. As...

Strategy & Management

Webinar: Improve Your Processes with Insights from Data Visualization

12.10.2017 - Data in industry is coming in larger quantities, more frequently and from more sources all the time. The buzzwords Internet of Things, Big Data and Industry 4.0 were coined to...

Research / Laboratory

Statista: Germany's Leading Statistics Company

- Statista is Germany's leading statistics company and offers a unique contact point on the web for numbers, data and statistics. A Statista account offers direct access to more than...