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The Upswing of the Superstars

19.04.2022 -

For its annual report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2021 – Ten Years of Steady Growth – and a Few Superstars," the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group examined...

Markets & Companies

Steady in the Long Term Despite the Crisis

22.02.2021 -

For the report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2020: Bouncing Back from a Year of Adversity", Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analyzed the development of the global chemicals...

Strategy & Management

Promising Sales Profit Levers

06.12.2019 - At the end of the third quarter, the chemical industry continues to face an economic slowdown, compounded by international trade conflicts, increased political uncertainty, and...

Strategy & Management

CEFIC’s Mid-Century Vision

06.12.2019 - The new political framework, set out by the Strategic Agenda and the Political Guidelines, has set bold priority areas for the next five years. In preparation for the new policy...

Markets & Companies

Finding the Right Emerging Markets for Growth

28.11.2018 - In the past, much of the attractive growth for specialty chemicals companies came from China and the rebound of the US economy. In the future, companies need to consider a...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Successful Partnerships

30.04.2018 - The European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) picked the tagline “Shaping successful partnerships for the new market demands” as the theme for this year’s annual...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Transformation of the Chemical Distribution Industry

26.04.2018 - Everywhere in business today, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or owners, consultants and other pundits, and also the media seem to only have one topic. It is...

Markets & Companies

GreenPremium Prices for Bio-based Products

29.03.2018 - Several years of market analysis and manifold contacts to bio-based producers have shown that bio-based products achieve GreenPremium prices in many applications. In addition, the...