Keyword: Vereinigung für Chemie und Wirtschaft (VCW)

Strategy & Management

CO2-Neutral Chemical Industry by 2050

09.03.2021 -

The European Chemical Industry has set out on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral. Germany, as one of the major chemical manufacturing nations, has committed to...

Strategy & Management

Proactively Shaping the Transformation Path

04.12.2020 -

The goal of a CO2-neutral chemical industry in 2050 is comparable with a 30 year marathon – but at sprint speed. So we have to find the best route to this common goal...

Strategy & Management

Agile Management in the Chemical Industry

06.12.2019 -

The consulting business has a new bandwagon: agility or agile management. Should the chemical industry jump on it or should we let it pass by?

Strategy & Management

Navigating in the VUCA Business Environment

27.02.2018 -

Times are changing, and we are changing in them. An old saying that goes back to Ovid - but still true today. The business world has become more VUCA (volatile, uncertain...

Markets & Companies

Brexit Means Brexit

12.06.2017 -

Many questions – few answers and a long and uncertain time line for the fog to lift from the new “Channel” between the UK and the EU27.