Nanomaterials, Polymers and Devices

28.07.2015 -

Offering an introduction to the topic and the nature of shape-memory effects and superelasticity, Shape-Memory Polymers provides an in-depth look at the properties, mechanics, applications, and characterization of SMPs and thermoplastic elastomers.
Author E.S.W. Kong includes information on how to create novel nanocomposites, from shape-memory polymers and nanomaterials, and covers methods for predicting properties of shape-memory polymers, as well as their macromolecular design. The book covers the area of nanocomposites comprised of shape-memory polymer matrices, methods for predicting SMP properties, and the macromolecular design of SMPs.

Nanomaterials, Polymers and Devices
E. S. W. Kong
John Wiley & Sons
Price: € 159,--
ISBN: 978-0-470-04806-1