Chemistry & Life Sciences

Farsighted Outsourcing Solutions

18.10.2023 -

André Keller, CEO Frike Group, explains his strategic goals and market observations in the interview

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Spray Drying for Inhalation: the Challenges of Scale-up

16.10.2023 -

When developing an inhaled powder formulation, the drug particles’ properties are critical to successful delivery to the deep lung. The aerodynamic diameter is the key...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Energy Efficiency

02.10.2023 -

Energy efficiency, especially in reducing emissions, presents significant opportunities for companies to counter rising energy costs and establish a sustainable, reliable...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Use of Evonik’s Catalysts to Manufacture TFA-free Margarines

27.09.2023 -

When manufacturing specialty edible fats, ensuring that the product has the desired properties – such as a stable shelf life, optimal melting behavior, and texture – is...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

A Toolbox for Meeting Recycling Quotas – Advanced Recycling is ahead

25.09.2023 -

Following its successful debut in 2022, the Advanced Recycling Conference 2023 will showcase the broader range of advanced recycling solutions.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

How CDMOs Can Contribute to Pharma Supply even Better

14.09.2023 -

The demand for medicines is increasing rapidly and R&D pipelines have doubled over the last decade.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Providing Solutions by Making the Most of Biomedical Data

14.09.2023 -

Many life science companies generate large swathes of data.

Markets & Companies

The Evolution of CDMOs

13.09.2023 -

Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) are a crucial part of the life sciences industry. Strangely, despite its current prominence, the CDMO...