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Pharmaceutical Logistics: Temperature-controlled Exports and European Distribution

29.09.2016 -

Handling global exports in compliance with GDP and distributing temperature-sensitive, high-priced drugs throughout Europe is a major challenge. Along with the need to meet temperature specifications and regulatory requirements, great importance is attached to a reliable supply chain and appropriate costs.

These are precisely the challenges which the pharmaceutical logistics experts from Pharmaserv Logistics specialise in. The client’s pharmaceutical products can be stored at various temperatures in Pharmaserv’s own Central Pharma Distribution Center in compliance with GMP and GDP. The company’s own network of lead logistics providers includes dedicated freight forwarding partners who can collect the products from the manufacturer or contract producer and transport them to the warehouse.

As a pre-wholesaler, one of Pharmaserv Logistics’ core competences is supplying international pharmaceutical wholesalers. However, consignments are also delivered safely and efficiently to hospitals, pharmacies and the regional offices of larger pharmaceutical companies at the client's request. If the finished products are to be distributed by truck, audited, qualified forwarders are available to handle volumes ranging from single packages and general cargo to full truck loads. This facilitates flexible, reliable distribution throughout Europe.

When sending products worldwide by airfreight, the client can choose between various types of airfreight packaging – active and passive systems. Pharmaserv Logistics offers a wide range of pre-qualified passive cartons that can be packed in the warehouse or ordered separately in the Pharmaserv shop. The company’s own airfreight simulator helps cut airfreight costs by using the consignment’s logistic data to work out the optimum packaging plan. However, standard, actively cooled airfreight containers can also be packed and dispatched straight from the warehouse with the help of roller tracks. This allows for flexibility and reduces the number of interfaces in the airfreight chain. Pharmaserv Logistics is accordingly certified as a Regulated Agent (RegB) by the German Federal Aviation Office.

If the drugs have to be repackaged before dispatch, Pharmaserv Logistics has a production permit allowing them to provide corresponding packaging services in their own manufacturing area as specified in §13 AMG (German Medicines Act). These services include exchanging packaging leaflets, repackaging, and printing labels with individual product data.