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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Small Particles with a Big Impact

01.05.2023 -

In 2022, the European Commission revised the definition of nanomaterials in a new recommendation, which supports a uniform EU regulatory framework and aims at aligning...

Strategy & Management

BearingPoint Client Success Story: Boehringer Ingelheim increases Data Accuracy by leveraging Robotic Process Automation

06.12.2021 -

Storage conditions play a vital role in the entire supply chain of pharmaceutical products and must comply with strict regulations. From manufacturers to patients...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

19.10.2015 - Logistics heads and executives are asking themselves, “Do we need to approach serialization, or is it just a minor trend?” Is serialization pain or gain? Now is the time to act no...

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Digital Transformation of Sourcing & Procurement


Megatrends like circular economy, sustainability as well as catching customer expectations in seconds are strong drivers of change in sourcing & procurement and increase...


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