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Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. During its 175-year history, our organization has grown tremendously in both scale and capabilities. Deloitte currently has approximately 330,000 people in more than 150 countries and territories and serves four out of five Fortune Global 500 companies. Yet, our shared culture and mission—to make an impact that matters—remains unchanged. This is evident not only in Deloitte’s work for clients but also in our WorldClass ambition, our WorldClimate initiative and our ALL IN diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Markets & Companies

European Chemicals Pulse Check

13.09.2023 -

In its latest European Chemicals Pulse Check, Deloitte surveyed senior executives in the European chemical industry and industry associations about their views on current...


Ineos Replaces PwC with Deloitte

13.08.2019 -

Olefins and polyolefins giant Ineos is switching auditors after a breakdown in communication between long-term partner PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which has audited the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distribution 4.0

10.05.2019 -

“68% of chemicals worth $76 billion will be sold online within the next five years.” This was the message from leading market research institutes and consultants in 2000...

Strategy & Management

Going Circular: How to Close the Loop?

23.11.2018 -

Since their invention after the World War II, plastics started to grow faster than any other standard material.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Who is the Future “Chemazon”?

26.04.2018 -

The traditional business model of chemical distributors is currently fundamentally challenged on one side by digitally enabled activities from principals, logistics...

Strategy & Management

The Greening of the Chemical Value Chain

27.04.2017 -

Global competition in the chemical market has been intensifying the past decade.

Strategy & Management

Digitalization – Challenges and Opportunities

03.04.2017 -

Digitalization in chemicals and chemical distribution is the monetarization of data to significantly cut costs („Operational Excellence“) and to capture additional...

Strategy & Management

Chemicals 4.0 — Bringing the Industry to the Next Level

04.04.2016 -

Industry 4.0 sparks intensive discussions within the chemical industry. The question is whether this is really new or just a fancy label for some well-known practices.


Chemical Logistics in 2020 Faces More Complex Supply Chains

26.09.2011 -

The Chemical Logistics Vision 2020 Report predicts higher transport volume concentration around chemical clusters and longer, more complex supply chains by the year 2020...


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