Lukoil Commissions Glatt with the Construction of NaCN Plant

22.11.2012 -

Russia's biggest private oil group Lukoil commissions Glatt Ingenieurtechnik again with the construction of a plant for the production of sodium cyanide (NaCN), a chemical that is mainly used in gold mining.

In 2005, Lukoil charged Glatt Ingenieurtechnik in Weimar with the planning and construction of such a plant in Saratov, Russia. It was handed over in 2008 and since then it has produced approximately 18,000 tons of sodium cyanide per year in the form of briquettes.

This plant's capacity will be doubled by the installation of the above second identical line, which shall be completed in 2014 and will also be based on a licence from DuPont.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik has already implemented a great number of projects in a variety of industries in the Russian Federation.