Sibur Hikes PTA Capacity

15.01.2018 -

Russian petrochemicals giant Sibur is expanding PTA capacity at the site of its PET subsidiary Polief in Blagoveschensk.

The project, which is aimed at improving the site’s production efficiency and environmental safety, will boost output to 350,000 t/y when it is completed in 2019. The company will upgrade 11 existing facilities as well as install a gas catalytic oxidizer and revamp all gas emissions treatment systems in order to cut the site’s atmospheric emissions.

In addition, new rotary pressure filters will be added to reduce the discharge of industrial wastewater from the PTA production and cooling systems will be installed to return the vapor released during the synthesis process, improving the site’s energy efficiency.

Sibur said it will select Russian contractors for construction and commissioning works.

“The investment project at the Blagoveshchensk site seeks to meet the increasing demand from the food industry. It is also an important step of our production upgrade strategy intended to maximize energy efficiency and environmental safety of our facilities,” said Dmitry Konov, chairman of Sibur’s management board.

The Moscow-based group said the expansion will also help to substitute a major portion of the imports that are needed to meet Russian demand.