Andy Evans, Head of global SC planning, AstraZeneca about AstraZeneca's Lean SCM Journey

23.04.2014 -

"Our Lean Supply Chain Visibility initiative reshaped our operations and supply chain management operating model with fundamental new global capabilities to realize end-to-end lean and agile supply chains and a step change in information systems."
Andy Evans, Head of global SC planning, AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca started its lean journey to respond to emerging cost pressure and higher market dynamics in managing global supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry. Following a clear lean vision for their entire supply chain organization, AstraZeneca established a demand-driven supply chain approach based upon lean planning methods, high end-to-end transparency, and strong process governance. The higher efficiency and responsiveness of their supply chain organization improved key figures such as working capital, lead-times, and asset utilization considerably. Furthermore, their lean supply chain strengthened their capability to provide highest customer service despite growing market uncertainties.

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