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Logistics & Supply Chain

Solving the Riddle of Supply Chain Visibility

16.05.2022 -

Supply chain visibility (SCV) seems to be on everyone’s agenda right now. However, when talking to companies, it quickly becomes clear that everyone has a different...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharma Logistics: A Global Perspective

18.03.2021 -

Over the past few years, Camelot has been monitoring pharma distribution in different regions of the world.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Logistics in North America

12.06.2020 - Pharmaceutical logistics in North America is more dynamic now than ever. Logistics executives are addressing increases in special handling requirements along with heightened cost...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Logistics in the Asian Pacific Region

10.05.2019 - The growing Asian markets have proven to be of utmost interest for the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, logistics providers are facing diverse market conditions depending...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Various Challenges for Pharma Logistics

26.04.2018 - With a compound annual growth rate of 7.9%, the emerging market of Latin America still offers exciting business opportunities to pharma companies. However, the particularities of...

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Converging Developments?

25.11.2017 - In Europe as well as in China, chemical parks host the most important production plants of the chemical industry. Although the reasons for their emergence and their development...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Logistics: The African Journey

03.04.2017 - Africa is one of the most promising pharmerging markets. For a recent project, pharma supply-chain experts from Camelot Management Consultants visited more than a dozen countries...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharma Management Radar survey 2016: Escaping the complexity trap

12.05.2016 - The good old days are gone — at least with regard to simplicity in business life. This is particularly true for life sciences companies affected by trends increasing the complexity...