Bayer and SCAC in Joint Wastewater Reuse Project

27.08.2014 -

Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) is partnering with Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical (SCAC) to reuse salt water from BMS' polycarbonate production at Shanghai.

In the project, the salt water generated in the polycarbonate process will be converted into high quality salt brine, which will then be used by SCAC to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

The partners will jointly execute a technical installation and trial production program to treat and reuse the salt water from the PC process.

Roland Stegmueller, general manager of Bayer Shanghai, said the project will offer environmental benefits by efficiently using natural resources and avoiding unnecessary impact and will also generate commercial advantages for both parties.

Over the past 15 years, the two companies said they have increasingly strengthened their cooperation around the supply of chlorine and sodium hydroxide, as well as recycling spent hydro-chloric acid.