Chemours Considers Ionomers Expansion

01.06.2022 - Chemours, the former DuPont chemicals business, is looking at investing in additional ionomers capacity to support growing demand into water electrolysis and fuel cell technology. The company is currently considering potential locations in the US and Europe with, it said, an eye to local community engagement and collaboration.

“The hydrogen economy demand is growing exponentially and our products are truly at its core,” said Denise Dignam, president of Advanced Performance Materials. “To meet this demand requires private/public partnerships with the right partners—partners that will be an asset to the community—responsible. And, we believe Chemours is who communities, regions, and countries should look to in order to deliver capacity necessary to achieve clean energy while maintaining a focus on protecting human health and the environment.”

The investment will be focused on ionomers that support the Nafion platform. Nafion ion exchange membranes provide a clean energy solution through water electrolysis, creating green hydrogen from renewable power. Fuel cells—another Nafion membrane application—convert hydrogen to electricity, an alternative to carbon-based energy sources.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist