Logistics & Supply Chain

Container with New Perspectives

14.03.2021 - Originally engineered for the transport of chocolate, tank contain­ers with agitators have discovered a wide range of uses.

This type of container is becoming more and more popular not only in the food sector, but also for chemical applications. Their adaptability and mobility are the major strengths.

The adaptability of the tank contain­er mainly results from its technical equipment: The tank vessel has a capacity of 24,000 liters, two agitators and an integrated heating and cool­ing system. An easy and smart handling of the technical devices is en­sured via a multilingual touch panel, the PLC (programmable logic con­troller). This can be used to regulate the temperature values and control the agitators.
High safety standards guarantee the complete floor covering as well as handrails that can be opened on both sides and an air connection that can be operated from the floor. The agitators are installed vertically and each have two blades that are guided through Teflon sleeves. The cleaning takes place via specially integrated and optimally placed openings.

Wide Range of Use
It is precisely this adaptability of the tank container that opens the doors to ever new purposes and areas of use. Two installed flanges can be used for additional valves or sensors. This means that the tank container can also be integrated in future digitization projects, such as automated order processing. It is well equipped for viscous and sedimenting products that have to be stirred up before further processing.

In addition, various preliminary products can be mixed to form a new end product and filled into different containers, IBCs, drums or cans. Temperature-sensitive materials are w­armed up and cooled. All of these processes can be combined and with an additional spill trough, the tank container also fulfills the legal require­ments as a mobile storage container which can be integrated in manufacturing processes. It becomes an integral part of the production plant. Mobility as a container enables flexible use in other locations in order to get closer to suppliers, customers or outsourced production and logistics facilities, locally, regionally and globally.

Applications for flammable substances required further development of this type of container for use in explosion-proof zones. Despite the more extensive design of the agitator control, this new tank container has a capacity of 21,000 liters and is approved for operation in up to ATEX Zone 1. A solution for mixing solvents has thus also been found.

Creative ideas in connection with new perspectives enable further applications for tank containers with agitators.