Emerald Kalama to Acquire Innospec Widnes

09.06.2015 -

US-based Emerald Kalama Chemical has agreed to acquire Innospec Widnes, based at Widnes, UK, for an undisclosed sum.
Currently a subsidiary of Innospec Inc., the British company is a leading manufacturer of high-purity aroma chemicals used to add fragrance to perfumes and household products.
The acquired business will be incorporated into the Emerald Kalama Chemical flavor and fragrance business, based in the US state of Ohio.
Calling it a “great fit,” Peter M. Fielder, vice president of the business line, said the acquisition of Innospec Widnes will accomplish several key strategic goals. It will be “a significant step” toward expanding the US company’s footprint, global reach and service to customers in the flavor and fragrance industry. At the same time, it will increase its manufacturing capabilities and provide a base from which to serve customers in Europe and the rest of the world.
Addition of the Innospec Widnes products will roughly double Emerland’s range of aroma chemicals, Fielder added.