Expansion at SK Biotek API Plant to Cost $35 Miilion

17.06.2022 - South Korean CDMO SK Pharmteco (SKTP) said it will spend $35 million on the initial phase of a planned expansion at the Dublin, Ireland, API site the conglomerate acquired from Bristol Myers Squibb in 2017. Prior to that, SK had been a BMS supplier for around a decade.

The facility on the Swords campus will occupy the brownfield space of a decommissioned production facility and will be operated by SK Biotek, which along with Pharmateco is part of the SK Holding.

An initial phase of the expansion due to be completed by 2024 will see construction of a new building housing equipment capable of increasing reactor volume capacity by 26.5 cbm. The investment also will include filtration and drying equipment as well as space for subsequent phases of the expansion.

When the second phase is completed – which will require additional funding – the plant will have increased its production capacity by 50%, SK Biotek said. No date for this has been given.

Joyce Fitzharris, SK Biotek’s president, said the production upgrade supports the Irish subsidiary’s position as a key contributor to SKPT’s EU and worldwide business.

Author: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist