German Chemical Workers Get 5.3% Pay Rise

28.06.2016 -

Germany’s chemical workers union IG BCE and the country’s federal chemical employers association BAVC have settled a new contract for the industry’s 550,000 employees (including plastics processors). Terms of the agreement foresee a linear pay increase of 5.3% in two steps – initially 3% with an additional 2.3% after 13 months. The beginning of the contract varies from region to region, with total running time a uniform 24 months.

At the same time, the two sides have expanded their personnel training scheme with an eye to preserving the high level of on-the-job traineeships that lead to employment in the industry. The union and employers association have also initiated a pre-start program aimed at helping integrate more young people into the system. The target group are those with an insufficient command of German or a poor academic performance.