Linde Builds World’s Largest Electrolyzer in Germany

22.01.2021 - Industrial gases group Linde will build, own and operate what it said will be the world’s largest proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer plant at its chemical complex in Leuna, Germany.

The 24-megawatt (MW) electrolyzer will supply green hydrogen through Linde’s existing pipeline network for its industrial customers. Linde will also distribute liquefied green hydrogen to refueling stations and other industrial customers in the region.

ITM Linde Electrolysis, a joint venture between Linde and UK-based PEM electrolyzer manufacturer ITM Power, will build the facility, which is due to start production in the second half of 2022.

"Clean hydrogen is a cornerstone of the German and EU strategies to address the challenge of climate change. It is part of the solution to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions across many industries, including chemicals and refining," said Jens Waldeck, Linde’s president region Europe West. "This project shows that electrolyzer capacity continues to scale up and it is a stepping stone towards even larger plants."

According to an October 2019 report by UK research and consulting group Wood Mackenzie, green hydrogen will be a growth market in the near term, despite its current lack of cost competitiveness. It estimated that by 2025, an additional 3,205 MW of electrolyzers dedicated to green hydrogen would be deployed globally, representing an increase of 1,272%.

It pointed out that the large increase is partially due to a nascent market, but also noted that aggressive targets in East Asia and increased interest from major international stakeholders will drive deployment over the next few years.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist