Lufthansa Cargo simplifies pricing models for temperature-controlled shipments

The cargo airline enables daily invoicing and foregoes minimum purchasing

26.09.2014 -

Lufthansa Cargo is simplifying the invoicing model for Cool/td shipments. The sender is now free to select the number of required rental days, the number of additional fees will be reduced, and this will be implemented in clear structures. Until now, it was only possible for a customer to hire a refrigerated container for a minimum of four days at a time; in the event of a booking at short notice, a change to a booking or an extension, further fees were added.

"The aim is to be as flexible as possible in the interest of the customer and provide a reliable as well as clear basis for calculation," explains Jörg Bodenröder, Director Competence Center Temperature Control at Lufthansa Cargo. "As such, this removes the former minimum hire duration and in the future, our customers will only pay for the days that they actually need. In addition, we have significantly lowered our extra fees, so that our customers are not disadvantaged even if they make bookings at short notice."

Lufthansa Cargo has established a competence team for Cool/td products and operates infrastructures at the Frankfurt and Hyderabad hubs, featuring different temperature zones.

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are above all reliant upon reliable refrigerated shipping. Medicines, vaccines and even insulin are frequently kept in restricted temperature ranges that must be strictly adhered to throughout the entire duration of transport.


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