Olon Opens New Proteins Manufacturing Site in Italy

11.10.2023 - Olon Biotech, a division of Italian API producer Olon, has inaugurated a new facility for the industrial-scale production of proteins from alternative sources at its site in Settimo, Italy. Olon pegged the investment in the new plant at €70 million.

Alternative proteins are used in numerous product categories that are of non-animal and non-vegetable origin – including, among others, food and beverages – and are therefore regarded as highly sustainable and have low environmental impact.

“It is the biotechnology cluster in which we are investing to develop the innovative and sustainable approaches we apply for producing active ingredients, enzymes, proteins, and peptides for innovative applications in health and nutrition. Today, sustainability is key; the Olon group has long been walking this path by adopting an integrated and global approach to reducing environmental impact by applying innovative and highly sustainable processes,” commented Maurizio Sartorato, vice president of Olon Biotech.

The company has recently formalized a massive investment plan to expand and upgrade its facilities, where active ingredients are produced through advanced, low-environmental-impact biotechnological processes.

Andrea Conforto, vice president of Olon Biotech for CDMO, said: "We have high expectations of this important new area. The new plants, just completed and ready to start production, allow us to significantly increase our contract manufacturing capacity for alternative proteins and enzymes, which are products with a high potential as they can revolutionize the global FMCG [fast-moving consumer goods] market.”


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