SABIC Commission LNG-Run Gas Carriers

21.11.2012 -

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has commissioned the construction of two sea going gas tankers powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) to transport its olefins products, in anticipation of a European Union directive to drastically reduce sulphur emissions from vessels operating in the North Sea by 2015. Switching to alternative fuels for ships, such as LNG, which is far more environment-friendly than traditional fuel oils is one of the solutions identified to meet the European Union directive.

SABIC's two gas carriers will be used to transport olefins from a major plant on Teesside, England, to ports in North-West Europe and Scandinavia.

Michel Wintraecken, SABIC Manager Sourcing & Contracting, Supply Chain Chemicals Europe says, "We have contracted the Dutch company Anthony Veder for the use of two new LNG-powered gas carriers. We signed the basic agreement for the ships in April, construction has already started, and we will take delivery of them in 2014."

Ships powered by LNG produce no sulphur emissions at all. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions are up to 20% less than with fuel oil and NOx emissions are almost 90% less.