Chemistry & Life Sciences

Strengthening Partnerships; Exploring New Markets

07.05.2014 -

After a dynamic business year of 2013, we aim at further growth by tapping into new markets, intensifying existing partnerships, by acquiring new suppliers, as well as through expansion of our product portfolios and service activities, both across Europe, and in the international market.

Furthermore, Eastern and Central Europe provide interesting markets for us, with strong growth, and they will remain attractive for the future. We will grow further in Western and Northern Europe, and we see significant opportunities for growth in emerging global markets like the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and Southeast Asia.

How do you intend to implement these plans and seize these opportunities?

The Europewide presence of Biesterfeld Spezialchemie and our long-term, intensive partnerships with leading suppliers contribute to a growth as well as investments in new markets and the use of synergies within the Biesterfeld Group.

Already in January 2014 we have started our activities within Biesterfeld Petroplas in the U.K. and Ireland. We plan further strategic alliances.

We see a significant boost through continuous expansion and optimization of the challenging product portfolio. Permanent adjustments to the changing market demands are a must. For example, in addition we use the possibility to advance in niche markets and satisfy the individual client's needs. In close consultation and collaboration with our subsidiaries, we intensify the market penetration and the implementation of still lacking segments of our business operations.

The expansion of our service offering and the communication - both with suppliers and customers - is top priority for us.