Tsubame BHB Wins Order for Ammonia Synthesis Facility

16.01.2023 - The aim of Tokyo, Japan-headquartered Tsubame BHB is to commercialize on-site ammonia production at small-scale plants using an electride-based catalyst. The Company now received an order from Daiichi Jitsugyo for an ammonia synthesis facility to be introduced for the integrated demonstration test of blue hydrogen and ammonia production/utilization conducted by Inpex in Kashiwazaki in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture.

According to Tsubame BHB, this will be its first commercial small-scale ammonia synthesis facility. In this demonstration test, it plans to produce 500 t/y of ammonia. Daiichi Jitsugyo, the main contractor, will be in charge of the overall construction of the ammonia plant, while Tsubame BHB will be in charge of the detailed design and equipment supply for the ammonia synthesis facility in the plant. Detailed design and equipment procurement is scheduled to start in the second half of the Japanese fiscal year (JFY) 2022, and ammonia production is scheduled to start in JFY 2025.

Rendering of the completed Inpex plant. © Inpex
Rendering of the completed Inpex plant. © Inpex


In addition to the 500-ton model that will be introduced in this demonstration test, Tsubame BHB said that it is developing its small-scale ammonia synthesis facilities with 3,000-ton and 5,000-ton models. Through the expansion of on-site production that manufactures the required amount at the demand site, the company is taking on the challenge of solving environmental/food issues faced by mankind and realizing a sustainable society by reducing the transportation costs, storage costs, and greenhouse gas emissions of ammonia.