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Whitepaper: Enzymatic Degradation of Plastic

Recent Methods, Applications, and Solutions for the Recycling of Polymers

16.11.2022 - Plastic is everywhere: researchers have been able to detect it on Mount Everest as well as in the Mariana Trench. Particularly alarming was the recently published study that found microplastics even in human blood.

In order to solve this global problem, research is being conducted into ways of degrading polymer materials efficiently. In addition to chemical and physical methods, the enzymatic degradation of plastics in particular has become the focus of interest for many research groups.

Download this free white paper for an overview of promising approaches for possible applications in the research field of enzymatic plastic degradation.

Key topics include:

  • Expert interviews
  • Summary of current research articles
  • Overview of the potential of enzymatic plastic degradation
  • Solutions provided by Sartorius


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