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ARMS - Asset Redeployment Management System

EquipNet's proactive approach to asset management is improving efficiency, releasing cash, and maximizing utilization of expensive instruments and equipment in pharma, biopharm and chemical businesses. This is achieved through a managed program which can be customized based on time, and involve various disposition channels, including; redeployment, negotiated sales with managed pricing through an on-line marketplace, competitive auction events, and clearance programs.

At the core of this methodology is the company's proprietary Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS), a web-based software package that can be securely implemented behind a company's firewall. ARMS gives full visibility of surplus company assets located in research, laboratory or production facilities. Dynamic workflow management features allow users to post, track, find, redeploy, or release for sale, equipment that is not being used in its current location.

ARMS is installed in almost 4,000 facilities worldwide, and has more than 9,800 registered users. EquipNet specialists can customise ARMS to suit individual requirements, and provide a documented audit trail that can demonstrate compliance if required. The software streamlines communication within a company too: email updates on surplus equipment are generated and integrated tracking and measuring tools record data on system usage.

EquipNet hands-on training ensures all those using the system are aware of its functions and capabilities. Once complete, on-going phone-based technical assistance is available. For more information, visit:



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