Thermal Processes

High-end circulators with pioneering technologies

Especially for requirements and manufactures in the chemical industry

As a supplier to almost all manufacturing sectors, the chemical industry requires effi-cient and safe processes to cover the needs of production.

Because most chemical reactions are either exothermic (release heat) or endothermic (heat is absorbed), reliable temperature control is of vital importance to the chemical industry.

Julabo developed the high-end circulators in the new MAGIO series with pioneering technologies especially for such requirements and manufactures them to the highest quality standards in Germany. In particular the Magio refrigerated circulators from the Magio series offer the ideal conditions for precise external temperature control, which is used in the chemical industry, for example, in reactor temperature control.

Ideal prerequisite for reactor temperature control

In both chemical and biological processes, the conversion of substances often takes place in reactors, which allow constant conditions and a safe space for the reactions to be created. This requires temperature control systems capable of compensating quickly and accurately over a broad temperature range. This is why temperature control systems such as MAGIO circulators are used, because they react dynamically to temperature changes inside the reactor and compensate for them quickly and reliably. The choice of temperature control system is influenced by the reactor type, size, and material (e.g. glass or metal), the wall thickness and heat conductivity associated with the material, as well as the process to be temperature controlled. Pump capacity, pressurization, heat exchange rates, and the efficiency of components in the temperature control system must cover the respective requirements exactly to guarantee process security and effective conversion of materials. Specially developed temperature control solutions are also considered for special requirements outside of standard temperature control. In most cases, however, this is not necessary, as the temperature control systems available on the market can be easily and efficiently adapted to individual requirements.

With the circulators in the MAGIO series, Julabo offers products in the highest performance class, with a working temperature range from -50 °C to +300 °C and a heating capacity of up to 3 kW. Thanks to the high heating and cooling capacity, the devices guarantee short heat-up and cool-down times. In combination with the high-performance power pressure/suction pump with performance values of up to 31 l/min or 0.92 bar (pressure) and -0.4 bar (suction), Magio is ideal for the most demanding external applications. The pump is not only the most powerful in its class, but also infinitely adjustable and therefore easy to adapt to pressure- or volume-sensitive external applications. In addition, samples can also be tempered in the internal bath.

Sophisticated and functional operation

The high-resolution TFT touch display offers a multilingual user interface and ensures simple, intuitive operation as well as optimal visibility of relevant functions. The modern display gives you all the important information at a glance. Three large, predefined main screens clearly display data and graphics with various application priorities. The menu navigation is self-explanatory and arranged according to relevance in daily work. All display functions can be operated with a fingertip. This means that even complex applications can be controlled easily and securely. The help function provides detailed support in case of additional questions.

The mains switch on the top of the circulator switches the circulator and refrigeration unit on and off simultaneously. Modern interfaces such as USB, RS232 and Ethernet support easy remote control.

Individual solutions

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the wide temperature range and the extraordinary dynamics, the circulators in the MAGIO series can be adapted modularly and individually to almost any application.



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