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Thermal Processes

High-end circulators with pioneering technologies


As a supplier to almost all manufacturing sectors, the chemical industry requires effi-cient and safe processes to cover the needs of production.

Markets & Companies

The Middle East – More Opportunities than Risks

25.11.2017 - The Middle East chemical industry makes good money selling basic chemicals and uses local oil and gas in manufacturing. Hopes are high that the many major investments made by the...

Strategy & Management

Poised For Growth

04.09.2015 - Chemistry: it’s in everything and it’s everywhere. In fact, nearly all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry, either as a material, in processing, or in some other...

Markets & Companies

Building Momentum

19.01.2015 - In the US, where economic growth has been characterized as "slow and steady" for some time, expansion and strength in the chemical industry continues and momentum is building. In...


Back in the Game

15.01.2014 - Poised For Growth - American Chemistry rang in the New Year with some cheer. Despite the challenges, the industry managed to post gains in 2013. American Chemistry is now poised...