Mechanical Processes

Let your Efforts Crystallize with Technoforce

The Missile Man of India, A.P.J.  Abdul Kalam, once quoted, “India should walk on her own shadow, we should have our own development model.”

Abiding by the above quote and thus, influencing wide aspects of extraction, short path distillation and zero liquid discharge, Technoforce, a multinational firm based in India, has embarked on its journey of reforming crystallization. The continuous flow Technoforce Plug Flow Crystallizer stands apart amongst its compatriots as a unique amalgamation of tradition and innovation.

Approximating its shape and structure to the traditional Swenson-Walker crystallizer, it resembles an excellent example of process advancement and engineering. With the continuously moving ribbon blender imparting it the characteristics of a plug flow, this crystallizer offers a smooth transition from a batch to the continuous mode with batch cycle times ranging between 0.5 to 10 h. The intricate design doesn’t let attrition hinder the nucleation of particles and also boasts of a thousand times lesser energy dissipation as compared to a batch kettle. Following the law of hook ups, the design of the external jacket for evaporative or cooling purposes ensures better flexibility and intensive heat integration, thereby allowing a better control over the particle size.

With trial plants being set up in Nashik, India, and Netherlands and a booming number of satisfied customers in fine chemicals, drugs and intermediates and organic and inorganic salts, these efforts of Technoforce to revolutionize the arena of crystallization are bound to nucleate and will eventually crystallize into its over-whelming success.