LEXSY Software Supports UN GHS Guidelines

To meet the new and more stringent requirements for industrial product labelling and product tracking, Bayer Technology Services (BTS) has developed a new version of LEXSY LabelPrint. "An important sales angle for us is the GHS, the globally harmonized regulation on hazardous substances that entered into force at the beginning of this year", says LEXSY product manager Josef Kenfenheuer, adding: "The proper labelling mandated by law in the required language is particularly important in the case of hazardous substances. LEXSY LabelPrint complies with the GHS and thus satisfies the latest international requirements and statutes."

The United Nations GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) is, as the name suggests, a globally harmonized system for the classification of chemicals and their labelling and identification on packaging and in material safety data sheets. In the European Union, the regulation must be implemented for substances by December 1, 2010, and for mixtures by June 1, 2015. LEXSY also supports the OSHA, WHMIS, FIFRA and PIMRA labelling standards valid in the United States and Canada.

The LEXSY LabelPrint module controls the bulk printing of industrial labels with and without hazard data, just in time and with consideration of country-specific requirements, differentiating LEXSY LabelPrint substantially from pure labelling software. 15 different languages and scripts are currently supported, including Cyrillic and Mandarin. The modular structure and flexible functionality of the automation software enable simple and cost-effective integration to meet individual requirements.

LEXSY, the integrated, internal logistics execution system, automates all of the logistics workflows as an interface between the ERP and the operating equipment such as filling and packaging systems, conveyor technology, scales, palletizing and labelling systems, picking and shipping systems. LEXSY has been specifically optimized to meet the demands placed on the industrial handling of all internal logistics flows, in particular for product tracking and product labelling by production industry sectors, for example in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.

The software automatically imports data from packaging and shipping orders from the superordinate ERP system, monitors and controls execution of these orders and reports the results back to the system placing the order. LEXSY thus serves as the interface and switching point between various data processing systems and controls the communication of all computer-supported processes within the plant.

LEXSY registers all incoming and produced containers or pallets and supports palletizing, labelling and warehousing. All internal transports are automatically monitored, requested and coordinated. Radio barcode scanners detect and identify all material movements. LEXSY automates the picking and shipment of goods and monitors error-free loading.