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Shiftconnector — Enabling Plants to Have a Seamless Transition between Shifts

Interactive Shift Handover Solution by eschbach

Enterprise ready Plant Process Management (PPM) software. Easy to use, adapt and integrate with other mission critical applications.

Shift handovers are the most important 15 minutes at your plant. The effectiveness of these critical minutes has a significant impact on the safety, quality and performance of the hours right after the relief team has taken over. Should this be left up to mountains of individual emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs? No. The effort expended here, with each plant doing their own thing ends up costing more and inhibits seamless communications within the team and across departments.

That is exactly the place for a best-of-breed application like Shiftconnector, which connects people with their innate human intelligence and enables information to be reconciled with machine data and consumable by AI.

Shiftconnector is a Plant Process Management (PPM) solution, which is trusted by leading companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It supports their shift workers and managers to track compliance, ensure safety and improve performance. This provides a trackable, single source of truth for communication between front-line personnel and managers to ensure smoother operations and build a learning organization.

IT and OT senior managers like Shiftconnector because it integrates with existing enterprise applications such as CMMS, Process Historian and ERP. It has been proven at large scale with many global rollouts.

With the advent of the pandemic, Shiftconnector enables social distancing in your plant and remote work. 


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