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Chemistry & Life Sciences

AI-Powered Knowledge Transfer in Manufacturing

20.03.2024 -

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies in the process industry capture, retain and access valuable historical expertise and ease the transition for new...


OpEx Index: Insights in Operational Excellence Challenges

07.11.2022 -

Every November for the past five years, the Conor Troy Consultancy (CTC) has been hosting the OpEx Forum in Schwetzingen, Germany.

Strategy & Management

Processes4Planet: EU Cross-Sectorial R&I

15.09.2021 -

The Processes4Planet (P4Planet) partnership’s goal is to transform the European process industries to make them circular and achieve overall climate neutrality at EU...

Information Technology

Shiftconnector — Enabling Plants to Have a Seamless Transition between Shifts

Eschbach GmbH -

Enterprise ready Plant Process Management (PPM) software. Easy to use, adapt and integrate with other mission critical applications.

Strategy & Management

Connected Work

04.12.2020 -

We are in an increasingly volatile global climate, from health and economic crises, to trade wars on multiple fronts, to political unease, to name just a few.


Achema Will not Take Place in 2021

18.11.2020 -

Achema 2021 will be postponed by almost a year to the beginning of April 2022. The decision to break the 3-year cycle was made in view of the continuing uncertainty...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Webinar Series on the Digital Transformation in the Process Industry

10.08.2020 -

The pressure to reduce costs and to improve production efficiency is increasing during the corona crisis. Digitalization offers corresponding levers here, but the mid...


Crisis Response for Manufacturing Teams in the Process Industry

23.07.2020 -

The strongest and richest form of human communication is face-to-face. Until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, most people took this form of communication for granted.