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Vegan Soft Capsules

Aenova Presents New Generation of Vegan Soft Capsules Produced on a Vegetable Basis Using New Technology

SwissSaps Romania., member of the Aenova Group, presents its new generation of vegetarian soft capsules. The new VegaGels are vegetable-based and a groundbreaking development of their current technology, as they are heat and temperature resistant and very stable.

This significantly reduces stickiness and crosslinking reactions during prolonged storage. The new VegaGels are characterized by their flexible and soft texture and availability in many different variations: up to 24 different sizes and shapes, e.g. oval, oblong and twist-off, and different colors can be produced. The new composition complies with the regulations for the American, European and Chinese markets.

Soft capsules are particularly popular with patients and consumers because they are easy to swallow. Their diverse design options in size, shape and color increase comfort and safety in use. Vegan soft capsules do not have the conventional gelatin shell of animal origin, but a covering with vegetable-based materials. The new VegaGels are based on a technology including seaweed extract and thus meet the needs of consumers who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or prefer products without animal testing. At the same time, plant-based soft capsule technologies are suitable for special religious food requirements, such as kosher or halal. VegaGels are free of genetically modified organisms, animal materials, gluten and preservatives.

"Aenova is the worldwide market leader in contract manufacturing for soft capsules on a vegetable basis. We already have over 20 years of experience in this special technology of vegetable capsule wall formulation and launched the first vegan capsule worldwide", explains Michael Ammann, Managing Director of SwissSaps in Cornu and Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Softgel Capsules at the Aenova Group. "The new generation of VegaGels is suitable for liquid and pasty fillings. The active ingredients remain active in the soft capsules and are safely protected from light and oxygen," Ammann continues.

Soft capsules are the third largest group of oral dosage forms after tablets and hard capsules. They are not only appreciated by patients and end users for their ease of absorption, but also have specific medical advantages, as they release their contents faster than tablets and hard capsules. VegaGels are filled with e.g. edible oils, essential fatty acids (omega 3-6-9), vitamins and minerals, vegetable ingredients and others. SwissSaps Romania uses the Rotary Die process, can currently produce around 1.2 billion VegaGels per year and delivers in bulk as well as packaged into blisters and bottles.

„Aenova ist weltweit Marktführer in der Lohnherstellung für Weichkapseln auf pflanzlicher Basis. Wir haben in dieser speziellen Technologie der pflanzlichen Kapselwandformulierung schon über 20 Jahre Erfahrung und hatten weltweit die erste vegane Kapsel auf dem Markt", erläutert Michael Ammann, Managing Director von Swisscaps in Cornu und Senior Vice President der Business Unit Softgel Capsules bei der Aenova Group. „Die neue Generation VegaGels eignet sich für flüssiges und pastöses Füllgut. In den Weichkapseln bleiben die Wirkstoffe aktiv und sind sicher vor Licht und Sauerstoff geschützt", so Ammann weiter.

Weichkapseln gehören nach Tabletten und Hartkapseln zur drittgrößten Gruppe oraler Darreichungsformen. Sie sind nicht nur wegen des Aufnahmekomforts von Patienten und Endverbrauchern geschätzt, sondern haben auch aus medizinischer Sicht spezielle Vorteile, da sie ihren Inhalt schneller freigeben als Tabletten und Hartkapseln. Befüllt werden die Kapseln z.B. mit Speiseölen, essentiellen Fettsäuren (Omega 3-6-9), Vitaminen und Mineralen, pflanzlichen Inhaltsstoffen und anderen. Das Unternehmen arbeitet mit dem Rotary-Die-Verfahren, kann aktuell rund 1,2 Milliarden VegaGels im Jahr produzieren und liefert in Bulk wie auch in Blister- und Dosen-Verpackung aus.


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