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Elixir Group Continues Sustainable Growth Strategy

13.12.2023 -

The Serbian Elixir Group continues to focus clearly on expansion and sustainability. At the Prahovo Industrial and Chemical Park (ICPP), strategically excellent located...

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Going Inland

17.03.2023 -

Historically, China’s chemical industry has mainly been located in coastal provinces, with Shandong as the biggest and Jiangsu as the second biggest province by chemical...

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Chemical Parks in China

09.12.2019 - At the end of the year 2018, China had a total of 676 chemical parks. Of these, 57 are classified as national-level parks, 351 as provincial-level parks and 268 as municipal-level...

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The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in Eastern Germany

09.12.2019 - The chemical industry is one of the most important in Eastern Germany and, about 30 years after German reunification, is now ­viewed as a showcase sector. However, it would have...

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Industriepark Höchst Combines Tradition and Future

09.12.2019 - If you drive into Frankfurt from the west, the towering smokestacks of Industriepark Höchst will spring into view long before the bank skyscrapers in the city’s downtown. This 4.6...

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China’s Anti-pollution Clampdown

30.03.2018 - Since late 2016, the Chinese government has conducted a series of environmental inspections of production companies. These inspections have typically led to short-term closures of...

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Fostering Innovation

25.11.2017 - In Brazil, the innovation dynamics is highlighted by the interdependency of agents representing industry, research institutions and government. The scientific research is...

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Converging Developments?

25.11.2017 - In Europe as well as in China, chemical parks host the most important production plants of the chemical industry. Although the reasons for their emergence and their development...