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Expert Statement: Felix Thalmann, CEO, Büfa Group

10.05.2022 -

CHEManager asked executives and industry experts to share their views on the prospects for the chemical distribution sector.

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Expert Statement: Felix Thalmann, Büfa Group

17.05.2021 -

How to Build or Maintain Critical Mass in the Chemical Distribution Industry

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distribution 4.0

04.04.2017 - The digitalization of the chemical distribution industry seems to be a big step for a sector which is both mature and conservative. But, as Neville Prior, president of the European...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Service Is at the Core of Our Business Model

04.04.2017 - “Harke Group started very early, around end of the 90s, with the process of digital transformation, so that we can meanwhile look back to almost two decades of experience in this...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

A Chance for Better Customer Service

04.04.2017 - Digital transformation already takes place in the chemical industry. Industrial costumers send requests for quotations via browser supported websheets. Here you have the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

We Actively Face the Challenges

04.04.2017 - “It has always been a tradition at Overlack Group to actively deal with ongoing developments, gather information and if necessary react. We began analyzing our processes very early...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Open to New Ways of Doing Business

04.04.2017 - “Today’s digital transformation debate bewilders me somewhat, as this is not a new topic but one that has been around for more than 40 years. The only difference is the speed at...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

‘It’s Going to Be a Marathon, Not a Quick Race’

04.04.2017 - “As always, innovation, no matter how big or small, creates opportunities for some while carrying burden for others. In this respect, digital transformation in chemical...