Chemistry & Life Sciences

Open to New Ways of Doing Business

Christopher Erbslöh, managing director, C.H. Erbsloeh

04.04.2017 -

“Today’s digital transformation debate bewilders me somewhat, as this is not a new topic but one that has been around for more than 40 years. The only difference is the speed at which new and updated technology is available. Today, as back in the 1970s, the only right answer to the digital transformation debate is: “Yes, we should introduce and use any new technology that advances our business at a justifiable cost.”

For specialty distributors like C.H. Erbslöh we expect positive effects from new technologies mainly in administrative processes but also in the supply chain. We, however, neither see our workforce being reduced nor a full transformation of our point of sales to an e-commerce platform in the next 5 to 8 years. Having said that, it is obvious that some product categories surely will be sold through e-commerce platforms in the near future. Still, we do not have a special digital agenda as new ideas, technologies and ways of doing business always have been on our agenda.”