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Plant Construction & Process Technology

Curiosity, Disillusionment, Persistence, Success

07.12.2022 -

Given the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing – secure material supply, reduce operation cost and increase flexibility, enhance sustainability and safety...

Strategy & Management

Digital Molecular Design

07.12.2021 -

Computer-driven molecular design, with its ability to generate massive quantities of simulated data, facilitates entry into new frontiers of chemical discovery for...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Recycled and Carbon-neutral Precious Metals

13.03.2021 -

Over the years, sustainability has evolved from an aspirational goal to an operational priority. Companies in every industry are being asked to incorporate more...


Advancing Sustainable Chemical Solutions

05.10.2020 -

Without products based directly or indirectly on chemicals, life as we know it would be unsustainable. According to various sources, more than 95% of the products around...

Chemicals & Distribution

Velvetol: The sustainable alternative to petrochemicals

AllessaChemie GmbH -

VELVETOL is a family of high performance polyether polyols made with renewably sourced 1,3-propanediol (Susterra).

Strategy & Management

Biotechnology Is about to Change Our Lives

30.03.2018 - Biotechnology encompasses a broad range of technologies that employ living organisms or parts of them to make diverse products. For example, drugs and therapeutics, nutritional...

Markets & Companies

Green Chemistry and Smart Chemistry

24.11.2017 - As Austria’s second largest sector, the chemical industry is also among its most important. Spending on chemical research and innovation also surpasses that of other sectors. At...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Peter Greven extends lubricant portfolio with RSPO certified products

12.11.2015 - Peter Greven, a leading producer of oleochemical additives with sites in Germany, the Netherlands and Malaysia, is, since July 2015 the first producer in Europe to have RSPO...