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Chemistry & Life Sciences

M&A Activity in the Chemical Distribution Industry

06.05.2022 -

Mergers & acquisitions activity in the chemical distribution industry was high in 2021, but current macro-economic conditions may have a dampening effect on the number of...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

M&A Activity Will Continue, No Doubt!

17.05.2021 -

Analysis of the mergers & acquisitions activity in chemical distribution under the impression of the pandemic situation and how it might develop going forward.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Digitalization in Chemical Distribution – a Reality Check!?

10.05.2019 -

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about digitalization, also in chemical distribution.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Transformation of the Chemical Distribution Industry

26.04.2018 - Everywhere in business today, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or owners, consultants and other pundits, and also the media seem to only have one topic. It is...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

It Takes Two to Tango

03.04.2017 - In the drive to reach growth objectives, or to maintain and enhance “critical mass”, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) has been a theme for the chemical distribution industry for years...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Will The Future Bring Growth And Sustainability?

29.04.2015 - Publication of the 2014 figures of Brenntag, DKSH and IMCD has shown that last year was a good one for chemical distributors. Sales growth was moderate, but measures to increase...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distributors: Fit For The Future?

06.05.2014 - Beyond This Year's Growth - Major chemical markets are heading for further improvement this year, according to the latest global business update from the German chemical industry...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Chemical Distribution in the Age of Volatility

28.05.2013 - Ups and Downs of Today's Economy - What sort of road lies ahead for the chemical distribution industry in Europe? In the short run it will be determined by the current...