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Intellectual Property Protection in China: Better Than Many Think

22.02.2023 -

In 2021, the new patent law came into force in China. It represents a significant strengthening of protection against patent infringements.

Strategy & Management

Patent Protection on Artificial Intelligence?

30.08.2022 -

Artificial intelligence is not an inventor, the European Patent Office ruled - but AI-generated inventions are patentable.


Lilly CEO Lechleiter to Retire in December

01.08.2016 - Long-time Eli Lilly chairman and CEO, John C. Lechleiter, has announced plans to retire in December of this year after 30 years with the US drugmaker. Succeeding the 62-year-old...


GSK to Waive Patents in Poor Countries

01.04.2016 - Glaxo SmithKline has announced it will waive patent protection for new medicines in the world’s poorest countries, such as Afghanistan, Rwanda and Cambodia, allowing cheaper...


Agencies Downgrade AstraZeneca’s Credit Rating

12.11.2015 - Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s have both lowered their credit ratings for Anglo-Swedish drugs company AstraZeneca. Citing a negative outlook from the loss of patent protection on...

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The Biggest Side-Effect of Making Medicine

07.10.2015 - International intellectual property regulations are doing serious damage to the pharmaceutical industry and, by extension, to the health of people around the world. The core of the...

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Camelot’s Pharma Management Radar

23.04.2014 - Power Of The Unknown - Despite a generally positive estimation of the current business climate, global pharmaceutical companies face challenges that endanger their business...


Pharmaceutical industry and the VUCA challenges

14.02.2014 - Increasing price pressures on established pharmaceutical markets are requiring extensive adjustments to pharmaceutical business models and the growth rates of most emerging market...